What is an Automotive Technician

What is an Automotive Technician

What is an Automotive Technician?


What is an Automotive Technician? You may be here because you are thinking about becoming an automotive technician. Or you may be doing some recon on your local repair center before trusting them with your vehicle. Or you may just be here for some general information, in any case you have come to the right place. I’m going to break down the ins, outs, ups and downs of the life of an automotive technician, so bare with me here.

The roles of the automotive technician start from the front of the vehicle and cover all the way to the back. A proper technician will often have more training under their belt than a lot of doctors out there, due to the constant change in automotive technology and design. The human body has remained very similar for thousands of years, while automotive technology and design can change every three or four years, and with every new bit of technology comes more required knowledge and understanding.

Along with the added education and required training you also have to factor in the cost of tools. A technician is responsible for providing all their own tools, and this is not a cheap thing. The base tool investment of most master technicians I have met has been in the $75k-$100k range. Not cheap at all.


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A little bit excessive, but a man can dream!

The difference between Good and Great:


A great automotive technician needs to be as efficient and accurate as possible. They must do this while taking care of both the vehicle and customer. The customers come to us in hopes that we know what we are doing, and it is up to us to make sure their expectations are met above and beyond. Working efficient and fast can be tricky, but most technicians have to be clever about it since we get paid commission and not by the hour, but sometimes the challenge can be one of the most fun parts about it.

Being an automotive technician can be an awesome career if you like the satisfaction of taking broken things and fixing the problem, or if you like to tear things apart and get dirty. If you do not have patience for diagnosis, or if you get stressed under rushed environments than the career of a technician is most likely not the one for you.


Automotive Technician


As with everything else it does have it’s own cons as well. The working hours can be long and the environment can be harsh. It also takes a toll on your body after awhile. When I first started out some of the guys around 45 would complain about how bad their bodies felt and I never took them that serious. But after ten years of being a full time technician I definitely learned the hard way how it can chisel away at your health. I am only 28 and already experience knee/elbow/shoulder problems. Certain tasks can also be quite dangerous to perform, so make sure you never take short cuts and always think of your health before doing something.

Here at My Master Mechanic our slogan is: Honesty. Accuracy. Integrity.


As an automotive technician these should always be the top qualities that you strive for. If you are honest, accurate, and show integrity through yourself and your work as well then you will create lifelong customers who know they can rely on the skill which you provide. Over the years it seems technicians have received a bad rap as disloyal workers. After 10 years of working with some of the best technicians around, I can assure that the good far out weigh the bad. As with all professions there will always be crooks out there. You just have to keep yourself educated to be sure you do not fall sucker to their tricks.


This career is a real test to decide if you really love working on cars or if you just love working on your own car as a hobby. Many people quit once they find out what it is like to be a technician for a full time living. But the technicians that stay are the ones that actually enjoy working on vehicles. It is a hard, but fulfilling career and most of us would have it no other way!


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If you have any further questions about becoming an Automotive Technician please feel free to contact me anytime at Ggrey@mymastermechanic1.com

As always, have fun, and stay safe!!



  • Trevor says:

    Hello Gabriel. I just checked out your site and left a comment on scanners. Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool. I like the looks of this tool. Dose this scanner read live data and are there charts to compare to factory specs. Does this scanner record OBD data for a base line comparison? Looking forward to your comments.

    • GGrey says:

      Hello Trevor, I hope you are doing great! Thanks for checking out the site.

      I will reply to your other comment with some answers to your question 🙂


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