Suspension System Introduction

Suspension System Introduction:


What is the suspension system and what is it’s purpose? The vehicle’s suspension is set up to serve multiple purposes. It absorbs the majority of impacts while driving on the road, it keeps the vehicle in alignment and driving straight, and it helps with vehicle aerodynamics.

The suspension system consists of multiple dampeners, springs, arms, links, bushings and bearings. 

Good suspension is vital to the safe operation of the vehicles we drive. If the suspension has failed it can be very hard to maintain control, therefore becoming unsafe to drive.

The suspension system absorbs a lot of the road vibrations/noises and harshness. If it wasn’t for proper suspension we would probably knock ourselves out every time we hit a pothole going over 5mph haha.

Simple ‘double-wishbone’ front suspension set up.

A lot of suspension set ups in modern day vehicles consist of shocks or struts in the front along with a coil spring and control arms. The arms are then connected to a steering knuckle using ball joints, inside the steering knuckle is the hub/bearing set up and that is what is used to drive the wheels.



Rear ends can be set up with a similar independent system, unless it is a truck/suv, then it probably has a solid rear axle and uses leaf springs or coil springs.

Simple solid rear axle suspension set up

I will be further analyzing and explaining each different suspension set up in their own upcoming posts. Hopefully this has helped give you a very basic understanding of the operational mechanics involved in the suspension system!


2012 Lamborghini Aventador ‘pushrod’ style front suspension

(Check out the full Aventador suspension walk around HERE)

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