How to reset a car alarm

How to reset a car alarm:


Modern vehicles are all equipped with complex security systems, but even the most complex electronics glitch out at times and can leave us stranded. Below is a basic overview of the security system as well as a self reset procedure. Hope you find it to be helpful!

The security systems in vehicles consist of multiple wireless signal senders and receivers. Most keys are encrypted with a signal chip inside of them, and if they are ‘smart keys’ then the chip will be inside of the fob/key assembly.

The systems are designed to trigger the security system if the vehicle is started without using the proper key/fob. When this happens the vehicle will inhibit the engine from starting and often times it will trigger the car alarm.

If you have tried all available keys/fobs then you can attempt to reset the system by disconnecting the battery. When it is disconnected perform a module reset and touch the positive/negative cables together to make sure voltage leaves the system. Leave the battery disconnected for ten minutes. After reconnecting battery, use the key fob and unlock the vehicle and attempt to start it.

If the security system is still active then it will need to be taken somewhere that has a scantool capable of diagnosing security system faults, most dealerships are best equipped for this job, and most repairs usually fall within .5hr-2.0hr to complete.

If you are having any weird security/theft system issues comment them below and I would be happy to assist you with what I can!


As always, have fun and stay safe!!


  • Clyde says:

    The key does not work nor does the remote. I tried disconnecting the battery again and now the alarm does not go off when I open the door but the car will not start. It now appears no matter what i do the alarm does not go off. I notice that the little light on the dash is constantly flashing and never goes off. Is there any way to disarm it so I can drive the car?

    • GGrey says:

      Unfortunately there is no bypass for the alarm. It may be a key/programming issue at this point. If the light is on solid then it will need to have the system reset.

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