60 pounds of Marijuana found in Elderly couple's truck

High Christmas turns to dry Christmas: Elderly couple caught with Pot

There are two types of trees that can be enjoyed on Christmas, and unfortunately, the relatives of this elderly couple will only be enjoying one.

Patrick Jiron, 80, and Barbara Jiron, 70, an elderly couple from Northern California were caught just over the Nebraska state border, as reported by  York News-Times.

The couple was driving in their Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and were on their way to Boston and Vermont to see family, authorities say.

The couple was pulled over after the truck crossed over the centerline without the proper use of a turn signal, deputies report. Upon approaching the vehicle the officers caught a strong smell of Marijuana and proceeded to request the driver to search the vehicle, to which he stated was okay. Deputies found over 60 pounds of marijuana flower, and multiple containers of Marijuana/THC concentrate.

Upon questioning the couple would only reveal that the marijuana was meant to be given out as “Christmas presents”.

The local Police department reported the street value of the seized Marijuana to be $336,000, but anybody who is familiar with cannabis pricing knows that the number given is absurd and only inflated for more attention, at that rate it would mean it was going for $5,000+ per pound, yeah right.


The couple was taken in and Patrick was arrested on charges of possession and intent to distribute, both of which are felony charges. He has since posted up his $100,000 bail, and is awaiting trial.


Patrick Jibron, 80, arrested for trafficking 60 pounds of Marijuana

Patrick Jibron, 80, arrested for trafficking 60 pounds of Marijuana



I feel pretty bad for these two, they said they did not know it was illegal to transport Marijuana in Nebraska, but who knows, at their current age maybe they are just trying to go out with a bang.


It’s 2017, and if granny and grandpa want to show up to Christmas dinner with 60 pounds of Marijuana to distribute to their family, then that should be their God given right, but you know, laws and shit.


The couple has since then hit the road, and for their sake I hope the grand kids have a joint waiting to spark up upon their arrival!!



  • Manny says:

    Hahaha, well written man, that made my day! I agree though, it´s almost 2018 and that should be their right.

    How is the law in Nebraska itself? Is it allowed there?

    Thanks for putting that together man, still smiling here! Sad for them, funny for me 🙂 You should focus in funny stories!

    • GGrey says:

      Thanks Manny! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 

      Unfortunately the law in Nebraska states that it is still illegal, so hopefully this guy does not have to spend the last few years of his life in prison.

      I will be putting together some more humor based articles, keep an eye out!

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