FORDITE: Is this Candy or Paint?!

What is Fordite?


A nice specimen of partially polished Fordite


Fordite is an awesome stone-like compound that is formed by layers and layers of dried paint. It is named Fordite because some of the first specimens were collected inside the original Ford assembly plants, it is also commonly referred to as Detroit Agate



A collection of materials from a Corvette assembly plant

Back in the days when vehicles were painted by hand there was a lot of paint run-off, and over time the paint started to collect in the tracks of the conveyor belts and other open areas, each layer would get baked on during the paint heating procedure and then every time a new layer was applied it would get baked on, so over time it had a very high exposure to heat, which in return made it a very solid compound.




After all the paint got added it created a very strange mixed color on the outside, and as you cut it or buff into it then it will reveal the amazing colorful layers that are all hiding beneath. The look of the layers reminds me of a colorful jaw breaker candy.



Different Fordite Cabochons

There are a lot of people who make jewelry with it, as it makes for a very eye popping addition to your wardrobe. If you are ever interested in a piece of your own then be sure to head over to my wife’s jewelry store : LucidTreasures, she does custom work and I’m sure would love to work with some material as cool as Fordite 🙂


Here are a few different polished ring bands


  • Very cool! I don’t quite rember what it’s called or where I saw it but there is an Asian method of mixing different colors of paint in a bucket of liquid, maybe water maybe something more toxic? But anyway that might be something similar to this she might like to look into doing! If something relivant comes to mind later that might help you find a video on it I’ll write back!

  • Anna says:

    Wow! this looks just amazing! But is it all just cars paint?
    Is it for sale somewhere? How can I get these “stones”? I mean these Fordite Cabochons? I think it could be a great decoration. to put in a bowl on the little coffee table in the living room.


    • GGrey says:

      Hello Anna!! Yes it is just paint, very thick layers of paint that have collected and fossilized almost like Amber.

      There are a few vendors online that sell it if you search for it. I think my wife and I will be getting some to stock in our shop as well 🙂

  • Flavia says:

    Wow this is so cool! I used to own a lot of jewllery that was made out of fordite, but I knew anything about fordite, how it was made or the process of it. The different designs and colours are very appealing and attractive. It’s amazing what the elements of nature can do to material things!

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