Even Doctors come to us

Even Doctors Come To Us

Even Doctors Come To Us


This is a poem that was shared with me by the service manager in the first shop that I received my Master certification.

thought it was cool and thought some of you might appreciate it as well!


“I’m a Senior Master Technician in an automotive shop.

I’ve taken courses on your vehicle from the bottom to the top.

I know more about current than the man who wire your home,

for the wiring system in your car out does the Astrodome.


Electronics have now made the scene and more are coming yet.

The complexity of some models far exceeds your t.v. set.


Engine and Transmissions with servos, valves and gears,

Models by the hundreds introduced in recent years.


The principles of combustion I must know from A to Z,

and the gear trains in most cars today are high tech machinery.


There are models, makes and systems, some seven hundred strong,

with new models introduced each year to help the plan along.


Now, compare me to the Doctor who’s prices are not meager,

Folks pay his bills, and trust his skill, even more impressed and eager.


The human body hasn’t changed, in twenty thousand years,

and every model works the same, from ankles to the ears.


There are years of school to learn his field, and nearly none in mine,

I’ve learned my trade by practicing and reading what I can find.


Sure, there are books he has to read, his procedures to define,

but for every page in his field’s book there are more than five in mine.


Everybody has ONE body, and no one has one more,

but when we’re talking cars and trucks, you may have three or four.


Though he can fix a broken arm and put it in a truss,
when it comes to fixing vehicles, even doctors come to us!”


Shout out to all the Doctors who are out there saving lives and the Technicians out there saving cars!! 

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