Car won’t start?

Wondering why your car won’t start?

Here is a basic overview of some symptoms and their systems, showing the complexity of modern day vehicle:


No start, no crank: If your vehicle will not crank then the problem either lies in the ignition system/anti-theft system/starting system. A no crank condition will be present if the starter fails, or if the motor locks up, it can also occur from a dead/bad battery, as well as the anti-theft system inhibiting the engine from cranking. If the battery is good, then the starter will need to be tested, as well as checking to see if the security/anti-theft light is engaged. Each system contains it’s own complex electrical foundation, make sure you have a proper understanding of each before trying any self repairs.


Jump starting battery with portable external battery pack


No start, engine cranks: If the engine cranks, but is not turning over then that means it is not getting spark and/or fuel. There are many things that can cause this ie; bad sensors, bad wiring, failed modules, to list a few. If you are having a crank no-start condition then you will need to start by looking for the presence of fuel pressure and spark. If both are present then it can get into deeper issues such as low compression, plugged exhaust, bad timing etc.



Anytime you are having starting issues you will want to start with the basics before moving into more complex diagnostics, as the majority of the time the failure is something common. Remember if it is something you do not feel comfortable with you can take it to a trusted local repair shop, and if you have questions about anything feel free to comment and ask here, or if you need help with diagnostics and other repairs feel free to email me and I would be happy to help you with what I can (


As always, have fun and stay safe!!

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  • Byron Mena says:

    Few days ago my car didn’t want to start, after a few tries it did but left me wondering what could have been the issue so I looked for some answers to that.
    I found this one and it really helped a lot, now I know what is it that can be happening to my car and won’t have a surprise next time it happens, plus, now I know what to do with it.

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