About Us

About MyMasterMechanic:

MyMasterMechanic is a foundation being built to provide adequate assistance to people who do not have prior training or the proper funds to take their car to a shop repeatedly for simple repairs. The goal is to help people not only save money, but also learn valuable info in the process.

Founded by Gabriel Grey. Master certified automotive and diesel technician, with over 10 years of experience I’ve decided to expand out and present the gained knowledge to those who wish to receive it and learn for themselves.

There are a lot of repair procedures that can easily be learned with proper instruction and tools. We are here to help offer these instructions and point you in the direction of your own affordable tool collection.

Granted there are some repairs that can only be performed with bigger shop equipment and tools, the majority can be done on your own with a little logic and aptitude for learning. Other than a frame swap, there isn’t much that I haven’t been able to do in my driveway if the circumstances made it so.

Automotive repair/modification can be extremely fun and rewarding if you approach it in the proper fashion, go into it with the mindset that you are always being taught something new while applying the knowledge that you already have, that way even while it is frustrating it will remain fun and challenging.


 Articles and information will be written and based off of visitor requests and weekly inspirations. Personal diagnosis and repair assistance is available, contact: Ggrey@mymastermechanic1.com